Do you love learning about the history, the nature, the cities or the religion of the places your are visiting? In the region of Paralia Vrasna and in nearby destinations, choose the activity that suits you!

Leon of Amfipoli


Important archaeological sites in the area worth definitely a visit.

Amphipolis with the famous tomb of Casta, Stagira – the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle and the famous Macedonian city of Philippi are the most known among them.

Lake Volvi


The natural beauty of our region will certainly satisfy nature lovers.

Lake Volvi, Macedonian Tempe with Richeios River, the walking trails on the outskirts of Cholomontas and Kerdyllia are an attraction for thousands of visitors every year.

City Tour Thessaloniki


The greatest cities of Macedonia, are located about 80km away from Vrasna Beach.

Thessaloniki, Kavala, Drama and Serres have all something magic to offer to their visitors.

Agio Oros


Religious monuments, monasteries and churches previous centuries dominate the region.

The Monastery of St. George in Asprovalta, Agia Marina at the entrance of the Macedonian Tempi and of course the Holy Mountain with 20 monasteries.

Our Pansion Electra

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